Glossworkz鏡面釉 GLOSSWORKZ GLAZE [ GAP_618 ]




無論是深色或淺色車,Glossworkz鏡面釉也能為車身帶來升級般光澤!帶有自動填平功能,這款上光劑能夠填補微細 刮痕,並為車漆提升亮度和反射度! Glossworkz is a premium self-leveling glaze that fills in micro-scratches, warms the glow, deepens the depth, and enhances the reflection on any color vehicle.

Product Details


  • 激亮車身,帶來亮麗光澤
  • 復修細微刮痕和漩渦痕跡
  • 填平凹凸不平的車漆面
  • 在拋光前激亮車身
  • 保護車漆顏色鮮豔度


Glossworkz 採用特別配方,利用聚合物來保持均勻激亮效果,同時為車身塗上優質精油,加強對紫外線防禦力。塗抹Glossworkz時,車身上的細微氣孔、刮痕和漩渦痕跡將被填補,回復車身光滑和亮度!



1. 在超細纖維軟墊或海綿上劑出3-5點上光劑
2. 為車身塗上一層薄薄的上光劑
3. 等待15分鐘,讓上光劑融入表面
4. 用超細纖維毛巾擦亮車身表面
5. 如需要,請等候30分鐘再上第二層上光劑

Use This Glaze To

  • Add tons of extra gloss and shine to any car
  • Reduce appearance of light swirls and scratches
  • Level out an uneven paint surface
  • Improve reflection without polishing
  • Protect the vibrant color of your car

Self Leveling Technology Fills In Scratches

Glossworkz is formulated with special polymers to maintain an even distribution of gloss enhancers, premium oils, and UV inhibitors. As you spread Glossworkz, self-levelers ensure even distribution into every pore, scratch, and smooth portion of paint for an even glow, eliminating the “patchy” look given by inferior products to enhance reflection and turn your car into a piece of pure eye candy.

Advanced Protection Against The Elements

Harmful solar rays damage and degrade painted finishes over time, speeding up oxidation and fading colors. Glossworkz Glaze contains premium UV inhibitors that reject harmful UVA and UVB solar rays, protecting and maintaining the vibrant color and paint integrity on your vehicle. Glossworkz Glaze delivers extra shine and gloss that lasts, and lasts, and last.

How to Use
1.Squeeze 3 - 5 dots of glaze onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad.
2.Apply to the entire vehicle in a thin, even coat.
3.Allow glaze to bond with surfaces for 15 minutes.
4.Buff off with a premium microfiber towel.
5.Once removed, allow 30 minutes of cure time before adding a second coat if desired.

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