HydroLeather 專為皮革帶來持久的鍍膜保護層,能夠有效對抗污垢和紫外線損毀,防止出現褪色情況。從現在起,用HydroLeather 恢復皮革的全新觸感和完美外觀 HydroLeather Ceramic Leather Protective Coating delivers a durable ceramic protective barrier on leather surfaces that helps resist dirt, UV rays, and discoloration and keeps your leather looking and feeling new longer without leaving behind any residue!

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  • 幫助維護皮革的全新觸感
  • 最適用於真皮、仿皮和乙烯基膠面
  • 對抗紫外線,防止出現褪色情況
  • 簡單易用的可噴式配方
  • 確保皮革觸感柔順
  • 保護皮革,免受紫外線、極端天氣和污垢損毀
  • 絕不留下殘餘物或油膩觸感
  • 快乾效果絕不引致皮革僵硬
  • 維護OEM外觀和觸感
  • 有效防禦紫外線,持久不褪色
  • 適用於皮革傢俬、皮鞋和手袋等


HydroLeather 是先進的鍍膜產品,採用了SIO2配方,能夠為真皮、仿皮和乙烯基膠面提供強勁保護!只需簡單噴灑,就能防止紫外線、泥沙和碎屑等污垢帶來損毀,同時加上防水功能,讓液體徹底流走!


傳統皮革柔順劑會滲透表面,深入纖維。相反地,HydroLeather 只在皮革表面提供保護,防止天然油脂流失,並確保觸感柔軟、順滑。HydroLeather 能夠恢復任何皮革的原廠觸感,並快速帶來完美OEM外觀,絕不影響飾面效果!只需一噴一抹,就能乾爽、快捷地優化,妥善保養皮革!


HydroLeather 專為皮革加上一層鍍膜保護,讓污垢難以再黏附表面,方便清潔和護理。採用了特別配方,HydroLeather 能夠帶來特別持久、耐用的鍍膜飾面效果,適用於真皮或仿皮座椅、門板、傢俬和衣物等。從今天起,用HydroLeather 為皮革帶來原廠觸感和持久保護!




  1. 使用前請先搖勻,然後在一角測試產品效果
  2. 用Chemical Guys皮革清潔劑和馬毛刷清潔表面
  3. 在超細纖維軟墊上噴2-3下HydroLeather
  4. 用超細纖維軟墊擦拭皮革面
  5. 等候30秒
  6. 用超細纖維毛巾抹乾皮革面


  1. 在超細纖維毛巾上噴幾下HydroLeather,然後輕輕擦拭表面
  2. 抹去表面殘餘物
  3. 不適用於开放式结构、苯胺和半苯胺皮革


Awesome HydroLeather Features:

  • Helps preserve the factory look and feel of leather
  • Perfect for genuine leather, faux leather, and vinyl
  • Helps prevent discoloration caused by exposure to elements
  • Simple and easy to apply spray formula
  • Helps ensure leather retain soft, tactile feel
  • Helps prevent dust and dirt from sticking
  • Protects against UV rays, extreme weather, and contamination
  • Does not leave behind residue or oily, slippery feel
  • Dry to the touch formula won’t stiffen leather
  • Maintains OEM look and feel
  • Long lasting UV protection helps prevent fading
  • Great for home use on couches, chairs, purses, shoes, and more


Ceramic Protection For Your Leather

HydroLeather is an advanced ceramic, SiO₂ based formula engineered and developed for maximum protection on your genuine leather, faux leather, and vinyl surfaces. HydroLeather is designed to provide superior protection in an easy to use formula and helps protect against damage from dirt, UV rays, and exposure to everyday elements. HydroLeather helps resist water and spills and helps liquids pool on the surface to make spill clean up easier!


Helps Maintain Factory Look & Feel

Unlike traditional conditioners that penetrate into the surface, HydroLeather forms a flexible shell of protection on top of the surface that helps prevent leather’s natural oils from escaping in the first place, ensuring the leather retains its soft, tactile feel. HydroLeather is engineered to maintain the original look and feel of leather without changing the finish. HydroLeather is simple and easy to apply and can even be used as a maintenance product on coated surfaces! HydroLeather finishes dry-to-the-touch and leaves behind no residue nor product feel and does not stiffen leather nor leave behind a greasy, oily, or slippery feel for a true OEM look and feel every time!


Maximum Protection & Durability

By forming a durable ceramic shield over leather surfaces, HydroLeather helps prevent dirt and grime from sticking to the leather, meaning coated surfaces stay cleaner for longer and are easier to maintain. HydroLeather delivers a durable coating that creates a more resistant barrier of protection that keeps your leather looking and feeling new longer. The advanced formula is perfect for leather and faux leather surfaces all over your car, including seats, dashes, door panels, and even home applications like leather chairs, couches, jackets, purses, and more! Help preserve the factory look and feel of your leather with Chemical Guys HydroLeather!




  1. Always test in a small, inconspicuous area first. Shake well before application.
  2. Clean surface with Leather Cleaner and a Horsehair Brush.
  3. Spray 2 - 3 squirts of HydroLeather onto microfiber applicator.
  4. Work into leather.
  5. Let sit for 30 seconds.
  6. Buff off with clean microfiber towel.


  1. Spray onto microfiber towel and gently wipe the area clean.
  2. Buff off excess.
  3. Not for use on open structure, aniline, or semi-aniline leather.





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