HydroView 就是終極的二合一防水優化產品!結合了玻璃清潔劑和鍍膜保養劑,HydroView 讓您一步提升車身清晰度,並帶來光亮表面。只需一噴一抹,就能為車身加上防水功能,免受污垢帶來的損毀,保持閃耀亮麗。 HydroView is the ultimate hydrophobic two-in-one glass cleaner and ceramic coating protectant in one step that provides the highest level of optical clarity while delivering a smooth and contamination-free surface that instantly sheds water for maximum visibility at all times.

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  • 一次過清潔及保養
  • 為玻璃加上鍍膜飾面
  • 適用於家裏、辦公室裏和車裏
  • 能夠對抗極端天氣
  • 防止雨水和其他液體損毀車身
  • 讓車輛在任何天氣底下也清晰能見
  • 特別易用的鍍膜保養劑
  • 為車身帶來特柔順、光滑的防水表面
  • 令玻璃的清潔和保養工作變得輕鬆、簡單和快捷
  • 讓飾面效果更乾淨、持久
  • 讓您輕鬆清潔窗戶


天氣變幻莫測,若沒有足夠保護,車身便容易受損。在惡劣天氣底下駕駛,容易被雨水、霾霧或強風等因素影響視線,降低路面能見度。因此,為了確保司機和乘客安全,HydroView 專門打造出光滑、防水的車身,讓污垢和液體迅速滑落,絕不阻擋司機視線!研磨配方能夠帶來持久的鍍膜保護層,除了讓車身和玻璃在極端天氣下保持最佳狀態,還能讓清潔變輕鬆!


HydroView 結合了獨特玻璃清潔劑,能夠一次過清潔並為玻璃加上鍍膜保護層!只需一噴一抹,就能迅速帶來強勁保護力,和晶瑩剔透的完美外觀。從現在起,省卻時間和煩惱,只需幾秒就能享受傳統鍍膜威力,一次過清潔及保護玻璃!


經過長時間研製,HydroView 成功結合了獨特玻璃清潔配方和SIO2鍍膜保護力,能夠降低霾霧和雨水帶來的風險,確保駕駛過程清晰、無阻和安全。從今天起,用HydroView 隨時隨地清潔及保養玻璃,從擋風玻璃到辦公室窗口也沒有問題!應用步驟簡單,絕無失手!


  1. 若在陽光直射的環境下優化,請先搖勻,然後在超細纖維毛巾上噴1-3下HydroView。若在陰涼地方優化,請直接在玻璃上噴HydroView
  2. 用超細纖維毛巾,抹去污垢和油脂
  3. 翻轉超細纖維毛巾,用乾淨一面擦乾表面
  4. 若玻璃太骯髒,請用Chemical Guys的玻璃清潔劑清潔
  5. 為了達到理想效果,用HydroView 前,請先用黏土塊清潔玻璃
  6. 請注意:有色玻璃有機會對化學物產生不同反應。使用前請先在一角測試產品效果













  • Cleans and protects in one step
  • Ceramic coating for your glass
  • Perfect for home, office, and car
  • Ceramic all weather protection
  • Helps repel water and rain
  • Maximizes visibility in all weather conditions
  • Easy to use ceramic coating protectant
  • Creates smooth, slick surface that is resistant to water
  • Makes clean and protecting glass smart, simple, and easy
  • Keep coated surfaces cleaner longer
  • Makes cleaning your windows easier next time

All Weather Resistant

Weather can change from one second to the next so having protection where you need it most is crucial! Rain, fog, mist, cloudiness, thunderstorms or rain storms can make it difficult to see through windows and windshields. HydroView creates a smooth and slick surface that helps water and contamination rapidly slide off of the glass surface and doesn’t block or obscure your vision. The cutting edge formula creates a durable ceramic shield that causes water to roll up into tight beads and rapidly accelerate off the surface leaving the perfect view! HydroView not only helps shed water, dirt, grime, and mud to keep your glass cleaner longer, but makes cleaning your glass easier next time.

Crystal Clear Clarity Technology

By utilizing specialty glass cleaners, HydroView empowers anyone to clean and ceramic coat their glass in just one step! Simply spray, wipe, and buff off for instant ceramic protection all over your glass. By utilizing Crystal Clear Clarity Technology, HydroView cleans and protects with crystal clear results and no streaking in just seconds. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of ceramic without the headache or long, tedious, and complex application. With HydroView, applying a ceramic coating to your glass couldn’t be easier! If you know how to clean windows, then you know how to apply a ceramic coating!

Use It Everywhere

HydroView was engineered from the ground up to bring the best of specialty glass cleaners and ceramic Si02 protection into one bottle to help reduce fogging, minimize water tension, and deliver ultimate clear vision for the safest driving possible. From windshields and auto glass to shower glass, office windows, home and much more, HydroView makes it extremely easy to clean and ceramic coat in just one step! Use it anywhere you need clear glass, or anywhere you want to keep glass cleaner for longer. Chemical Guys HydroView makes cleaning and protecting glass smart, simple, and easy!


  1. Shake well. Apply 1 - 3 sprays of HydroView onto microfiber towel if in direct sunlight or directly onto glass if in a shaded area.
  2. Remove dirt and grime using a premium microfiber towel.
  3. Flip the towel over to a clean side, or use a secondary dry microfiber to buff off.
  4. For extra dirty glass, clean first with a dedicated Chemical Guys glass cleaner.
  5. For best results, clay surface prior to application of HydroView.
  6. Note: All aftermarket tint films are different and may react differently to chemical application. As always, we recommend testing this product in a small, inconspicuous area before first use on aftermarket tint films.
  • UPC: 842850107115
  • Applicable Locations: Exterior Interior
  • Application Type: Clean & Protect
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs


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